School Flying Days

Sky Charter Helicopters have been taking helicopters to schools, giving pupils and teachers the unique and exciting opportunity to experience one of our 'flying days'. This has proved to be very successful for many schools that we have attended throughout the country for several years now.

This day's primary aim is to raise money for school funds while offering career advice and using the helicopter as an educational tool in subjects such as maths, geography, physics and ICT. WITH NO COST TO THE SCHOOL.

A growing number of television and radio programmes utilise a helicopter in their every day operations due to the manoeuvrability achieved and low level flight pattern that allows detailed views of the English landscape.

Our previous experience in schools around the country has allowed us to develop the following program of activities, which has been found to work extremely well.

One of our company's ground crew team will arrive at the school in order to secure a landing area for the helicopter, which will land at a time previously decided by you.

Pupils who wish to experience a flight will then be assembled together and given an important flight safety briefing.

The pupils will then be invited to board the helicopter and will be escorted by the ground crew, who will ensure all passengers are strapped in and that the doors are secure. The pupils will then experience a five minute flight of the local area.

Cameras and camcorders are more than welcome on board the helicopter. From this photography competitions often prove very popular with the pupils, which have often led to projects being undertaken within the ICT area of the curriculum.

After the flight experience, all the school's pupils are then invited to look around the helicopter with the Captain, who will be more than happy to answer any queries that may arise; this is open to all, not just those who have flown. The Captain and ground crew are often invited back to the school at a later date to answer any questions, judge competitions that may have been held or conduct a formal discussion with the pupils.

The flying day is covered by our insurance, which includes all risks on the ground, in the air and third party. We are currently covered up to £12.5 million.

All passengers are also covered under our Air Operations Certificate which is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

The day is a total non profit making event for Sky Charter, but of course the cost of this event will have to be met. This is achieved through the seat price of £25.00, payable by the parents, who will be given four to five weeks notice to collect the money together. 10% of this money is returned to the school. We have found that every school we fly at we get 60-70% of pupils who fly. The day is also open to parents, relatives and teachers as well.

The flying is usually carried out on a weekday, however if this was to cause a problem for the school we can arrange it for a weekend.

Please feel free to contact me at any time on 08455 191561 if you have any questions or thoughts. I can arrange at your convenience to come and visit to discuss our proposal further.

I hope the above interests and excites you because these days are always a pleasure to attend.

Yours faithfully,

Operations Manager AOC
Sky Charter Helicopters

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