Helicopter for FilmingSky Charter can offer a Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter for your filming requirements.

Summary: Ideal for aerial filming/photography for cost/versatility.

Engine: Single Turbine
Seats: Pilot +4
AUW: 1451kg
Overall Length: 11.9m
Rotor Diameter: 10.2m
Cruising Speed: 100kts
Range: 435 miles

The Bell 206 JetRanger helicopter is probably one of the most famous helicopters and is the ideal workhorse for aerial Filming, Television and Photography. If there is ever a television or film with a helicopter and car chase, it is usually the Bell Jet ranger. The Bell has a much larger payload capability as it can carry 4 passengers plus the pilot. There are also plenty of door and side camera mounts available. The Jetranger is also fairly manoeuvrable which is why so many film and television companies have used it in the past. Most of the James Bond films feature Jetranger helicopters.

For aerial Photography, Television / Filming technical specifications & limitations are:
Endurance: Max 3hrs
Doors off Cruise: Front doors off: 69 knots, Rear Doors off: 87 knots
Floats: Yes
Suitable for: All over-land and coastal-corridor aerial filming tasks. Various camera available at short notice both external and door mounted
Limitations: Over-water distance from land due to single engine

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